As an organisation, Apollo Tyres is committed towards creating values for its stakeholder. And the crucial link here is building a sustainable business, driven by strategic growth and responsible actions.

Apollo Tyres believes that to truly move up the value chain, it is critical to use fewer natural resources to produce more. For a growing organisation, with a long-term focus and commitment, it is critical to safeguard resources for the future even as it creates value today. At Apollo, emphasis is laid on using natural resources cautiously and with care.

In 2011, the company published its 1st Sustainability Report as per Global Reporting Initiative Version 3. The disclosures and identified gaps have further enabled the company to better define and evolve its internal systems relating to environmental and social aspects. Bulk of this work pertains to energy, water, health and safety issues across operations.

The company's systems and processes have made it possible for it to report at Level B — and the company is positive about achieving Level A across its operations in the next 2 years.

Sustainability Report

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