Apollo Tyres, being conscious of the triple bottom line coherence (people. Planet and profit), has developed a CSR framework identifying and prioritising its key stakeholders. This framework clearly revolves around the principle of three I's i.e. to Involve, Influence and Impact its key stakeholders-Customers, Employees, Supply Chain Partners and Community.

The clear objective of all CSR activities is to have a positive impact on everyday lives of our key stakeholders and on business. Unless the same is achieved, it will not lend itself to sustainability. The CSR programmes and activities are aligned to national and international development goals, in particular related to Health & Environment. CSR activities in India are routed are routed through the Apollo Tyres foundation (registered in 2008).

The programmes are categorised into two verticals: Environment and Social
Environment - Apollo Tyres is committed towards ensuring overall environmental sustainability. Its aim is to make eco-friendly behaviour, green thinking and resource conservation a matter of habit across its key stakeholders. The umbrella environment initiative is called HabitAt Apollo. As a part of our environmental sustainability journey, we have initiated a number of projects on themes of Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Mitigation, Watershed Management and Waste Management.

Social - The organisation recognizes the importance of its stakeholders and the society it operates in.  It undertakes initiatives focused on sustainable development. Within this, there are two areas: Health and community development.

Health programme on HIV awareness is one of the most inclusive programmes in India. It is targeted towards truck drivers who are not only our customers but also key partners in our supply chain. Recently we have also added vision care component under our health initiative to provide  holistic services to our stakeholders. We have also identified promotion of health and sanitation as one of the intervention in the communities around our Chennai  manufacturing location, where we have constructed toilets in PPP model.

The organisation also supports social causes through various philanthropic initiatives. These are undertaken in both APMEA and EA regions, and cover areas such as health, education and support to disadvantaged communities.