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Apollo Tyres Africa (Pty) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Apollo Tyres Africa (Pty) Ltd.  is in the business of marketing, selling and distributing its branded quality tyres for various motoring application.

Apollo Tyres Ltd, the parent company, is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. It has been in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres since its inception in 1972. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, establishing its footprint across the globe. At the end of its financial year on March 31, 2015, Apollo Tyres had clocked a turnover of US$ 2.08 billion, backed by a global workforce of approximately 16000 employees.

Apollo Tyres Ltd has manufacturing units in India and The Netherlands. It is also setting up a new manufacturing facility in Hungary, with a planned investment of €475 million. The company markets its products under its two global brands - Apollo and Vredestein, and its products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets.

The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio spread across passenger car, light truck, truck-bus, off highway and bicycle tyres, retreading material and retreaded tyres.



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