Tyre Buying Guide

Tyre Marks

Tyres can be selec-ted by keeping some of the following parameters in mind.

  • Original Size: Every manufacturer provides a recommendation of the size that is suited to the vehicle. You should know this before going shopping.
  • Usage: Tyres used on passenger cars vary in technology and construction from those designed for SUVs or transport vans. So you should be sure of the type of vehicle you need the tyres for, its variant or specific model.
  • Application: The next step is to choose a tyre by its intended application. Those to be used mostly on highways or city roads are built to provide a softer ride than those that are better suited to off-roading or rough terrain usage, people transportation, goods carriage and so on.
  • Pattern: The tread pattern of a tyre decides its ability to channel water away from the contact patch between the tyre and the road. The tread pattern also plays a part in how much road noise is generated by the tyre due to air getting trapped and expelled from those channels during running.
  • Technology: Tubeless tyres are now the norm as they allow for greater running distance in case of a puncture and allow for better control of the vehicle, by minimising sudden loss of air pressure.